Welcome to Hampstead Lions Baseball! We believe that baseball offers a unique chance to take part in our nation's past time. We cultivate a climate of supportive coaches and field highly competitive teams.

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Important Dates

April 16th Games begin for some age groups
April 28th Opening Day Parade and Ceremony
May 12th Picture Day
June 9th In House Year End Tournament-Ages 12 and under
June 9th Raffle Ticket Drawing!


Baseball Programs

Tee Ball

Ages 5 & 6 as of April 30th

T-Ball Our focus is to introduce boys and girls to the basics of the game — hitting a pitched ball, base running, and fundamental defensive play. While sessions are non-competitive, establishing essential skills early helps improve a player’s performance at the next level. At this level, coaches and parents teach children to enjoy the game by helping them acquire basic skills (i.e. catching, fielding, batting, throwing, and running) necessary to play baseball. Ultimately, the T-Ball League should equip kids with the skills and motivation they need to make a successful transition to Rookie League Baseball.


Ages 7 & 8 as of April 30th

The primary goal of the Rookie Baseball Program for 7 and 8 year olds is to teach the fundamentals and rules of the game. At this level the coaches will focus on individual skill improvements and the basics of team strategies. Players will be introduced to competition at this level; however, the primary focus remains on skill development and the enjoyment of participation. At this level, players will start to pitch. Players will be introduced to competition at this level, although the main focus remains on skills development and having fun. Play is designed to give the player every opportunity to develop their pitching, fielding and hitting skills.


Ages 9 & 10 as of April 30th

The primary goal of the Minor Baseball Program for 9 and 10 year olds is to reinforce the fundamentals and rules of the game which were taught during the Rookie Program. Additional concepts (e.g. stealing bases) which were not previously covered will also be introduced. At this level the coaches will continue to focus on individual skill improvements and the basics of team strategies. While the main focus remains on skill development and the enjoyment of participation, players will compete and games will resemble as much as possible, the “true” game of baseball.


Ages 11 & 12 as of April 30th

At this level, most players have gained a good knowledge of the game and have developed the fundamental skills needed. Coaches continue to develop individual skills and advanced team strategies. Players at this level will refine their skills in preparation for the Senior Baseball program.


Ages 13 & 14 as of April 30th

Players at these levels begin to understand the subtleties of the team game and have the chance to develop their skills into a total offensive/defensive package. Coaches are aware that some players may want to advance into high school programs and will coordinate their teaching methods with those practiced at schools in the local area.

This league consists of teams from the following areas: Finksburg, Westminster, Manchester and Hampstead. Many areas have more than 1 team. Westminster, typically has 3 teams for example.


Ages 15 & 18 as of April 30th

Recreational baseball at the High School level. This league includes players from Manchester Valley High School and for those players that want to keep on playing America's pastime.


Note: A background check is required for all managers, coaches and parent helpers.


Registration will be through Stone Alley. Click Here


Still like paper? No problem. You can download, fill out, sign and mail your registration. HLBSA 2018 Registration Form


For all players, Hampstead Baseball will provide:
- team jersey
- team hat
- team socks

Players are required to purchase the following items:

For TeeBall, Rookies, Minors Players

black pants
baseball glove
batting helmet w/ face guard

For Majors Players

gray pants
batting helmet

Spirit Gear

Hampstead offers custom spirit gear! Take a look at 2018's offerings!

Thank you Sandee and George Martin from the Sports Stop Crew!
4508 Lower Beckleysville Road
Hampstead Village Center
Hampstead, Md 21074


President - Dave Allen

Stallions/Seniors: Rick Barraclough

Majors: Eric Cellitto

Minors:Rob McCormick

Rookies: Neil Dunty

Tee Ball: TBD

JV Travel: Scott Davis

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